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As a new TDRA Staff member, i have had to give up working here, and start a new forum to hold all my creations xD This will stay open to allow people to chat etc. and for me to steal my coding and stuff. xD

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 Rewards for those who signed up on the old HHL

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PostSubject: Rewards for those who signed up on the old HHL   Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:08 am

Rewards for those who had an account on HHL:

You can join a Group called "The Returned Damned"
This will give you a Dark green name in the chat, Forums Etc.

These members are basically V.I.P's but with a different colour name.
Please Note :
You should not attempt to fake being on HHL, i know who was on it and who wasn't ( Its bannable to lie for a prize )

If you wish to receive this reward please Change/Create your username as what it was on the other HHL.
Inform me when this is done by private message/ PM, i will add you to The Returned Damned.

All member returning from the old HHL, will receive a 500 Credit reward for being a starter in our community.
(when the credit system is activated)
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Rewards for those who signed up on the old HHL
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