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As a new TDRA Staff member, i have had to give up working here, and start a new forum to hold all my creations xD This will stay open to allow people to chat etc. and for me to steal my coding and stuff. xD

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 Welcome to The Condemned HellHounds Lair

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PostSubject: Welcome to The Condemned HellHounds Lair   Tue Jul 12, 2011 2:49 am

To all those new to HHL,
To all those who have returned from the old HellHounds Lair
Welcome back,

We have to start afresh with the HHL project, however this time we will not doing guides for Halo Reach, We will doing guides for Halo Ce annverisary edition, and Halo 4 (when they come out of course) We Intend to have the site mostly online before the Halo 1 Remake.

We're going to attempt to get as many features from the old HellHounds Lair on here, so the old members dont have to adjust massively. There will be changes, and most likely new staff, so dont expect the same as last time,

As for the type of guides we upload, we will be hunting the easter eggs from halo 1, to see if they were kept for the remake. Any we find will be uploaded, you can also expect Legendary Campaign Guides, as I and a Freind called Jack kicked Halo 1's ass on legendary in less than 24 hours , We intend to do it again, And then show our community how to join in the fun.

However HHL will be considerably understaffed for a while,
If you wish to apply to become a moderator or guide maker the positions are availble.

So to summarize :
The guides for reach will NOT be returning on Condemned HHL.
The guides will instead be for Halo 1 Remake, and Halo 4.
We expect to have the site online before the Halo Ce remake is out.
You can apply for a role in the staff here ( No pay, this is a free business :P)

This is HellHound 30000 Of HHL,
We're back.
And more badass than ever.

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Welcome to The Condemned HellHounds Lair
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